Sunday, 10 April 2011

There she is ...after a winter hibernation. Spent Saturday checking her over and tidying al the sheets ~ now all neatly coiled and stowed midships.

She needs a clean so I am up to that this week ~ and also a little water has got under the protection sheet.

Apart from that a couple of cleats need replacing though she is sailable with tie offs according to an rusty looking old dog at the club ~ and she needs her own burgee.

Also capsized her on land to check the mast headshackles ... all OK.

.......... and it should be for an "OK" sail no K1993 : 1824. With any luck she will get her berth number and transom plate this week.

She's one fiesty number ..and if the weather continues like yesterday I'll be burned to crisp by May .... who needs a sunbed when there is free one outdoors AND you dont go bright orange ...cause you are creaming across the water. [More anon ]