Monday, 28 March 2011

Twiteratti Glittteratti

Bringing all this stuff together to create the mini celeb persona ... Twitter/twitpic/gaypic/blog/facebook .. you can see how the real celebs get caught out by the new social media networking.

Who sees what and when and how compromising.... etc

Fortunately for me the chains are off for me ... free of professional misconduct traps ... how fine they are .. so any ANYONE (he shouts) anyone who has passed the opening statement about 18+ content ... you have only your self to blame ..

because here I am uncompromising in being what I have never been allowed to be through out my life ... so the anecdote :

When i was 13/14 years old being gay was a criminal offence pleasuring myself ... or my mates was definitely a criminal offence .. especially in public. SO as a consequence I spent my adolescence in parks and gardens and alleyways ... or the cabins of Norwegian/Swedish boats in the port of Bristol.

Now I am .... older ... smoking is an offence so I end up in doorways and alleyways and parks and gardens .. ( dabuuum tst)

I think that's called irony ................

#march26 refelection

It occurs to me that"PC Plod Met" is as devious as ever: In London this weekend he let the Black Hoods freely wreck the city .. then "kettled", assaulted and arrested the peaceful and innocent? ... Boris Johnson needs calling to account.