Sunday, 18 July 2010

Easy like Sunday Mornings ~ tis without Google

I have become increasingly alarmed at how companies like Google and FaceBook are sucking up all the areas of the social interactive internet into one vast interconnected totalitarian structure.

Yes I know its driven by the obsessions of the owners to make even more vast amounts of money.

It worries me that every where I turn to places and sites on the Internet they intervene and it's done with an open-faced niceness that belies their hidden agenda ..

OOOOH would you like to link to YouTube/ Twitter / Spotify etc etc .... ?

You do it .Then you find that you have inherited their policy and philosophy and nanny-minding, politically correct, health and safety limitations ...

For this reason, I can no longer access, edit or upload to my YouTube Account ... which YouTube robotic email replies say I have access to and that is not suspended but I should talk to Google.

I don't talk to Google, you can not TALK to Google !

However I range around a load of FAQ's and links which end with the above image saying that the account is "Permanently Disabled" ...

... by linking my Mac Mail account to my Google account without my permission, they have prevented even me from setting up a new YouTube Account ...

In effect, they have chained my Google to Mac Mail so, I cannot even set up a new YouTube Account.

All of this without the decency of getting in touch.... How bloody high handed is that?

OK !! I don't really care but I am concerned that in the future, it wont just be a video up loading and sharing site ,

... it will be my, life my politics .. persish the thought, some happy-clappy mumbo-jumbo right wing christian-inanity.... and they think the Taliban are bad .... at least you know where you stand with them .....

During this blog it informed me that the image I wished to up load could reside on line at PISCA .....

So I thought, nice idea, and I followed the links

THEN, up popped Google again with its TOC ...... you can guess ......

I declined.

If anyone knows a decently set blog that is out of the reaches of the sprawling tentacle clutches of the Google octopus ...... please get in touch

fuse :)