Thursday, 31 March 2011

So I found this on the web and it sort of summed me up ~ not that it is that simple.

Just got off an orgy of twittathon and discovered that it can take over your life.

Not sure if I really want to tweet.. "am cleaning my teeth / just got dressed/" but in terms of getting a feel for what is going on around you .. it's pretty stunning.

Not since the invention of the printing press do I think that so much empowerment has been given to people. Even now authority is scheming to limit and control because , quite frankly they are scared by what it can achieve.

Of course they sell this as in our own interest to "protect" us from harm..

Well thank you very much Mr Po-Faced Authority ... I can look after myself Im grown up now and what scares you is that I CAN THINK, assess and make an informed opinion ... tough shit mate your time is limited.

Immediacy of this kind of communication and the extended conversations appeal to my randomised thinking processes .... and out the social conventions of " how are you / nice to meet you ... etc "

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